Portfolio September investment results.

Recall that our first goal is to beat the returns of the S&P500 index. The second is to get a portfolio return of 20% or more.

At the end of September 2019, we have received a return of 10.32%, while a similar investment in the S&P500 index brought in only 3.04%. As you can see, the use of Blue Sphere AI predictions made it possible to obtain returns of more than 3 times higher.

Over the past period, there have been changes in the composition of the portfolio. We sold AT&T shares, as well as LYB, as they reached their targets. In addition, dividends of $ 29.23 were received. The resulting cache has not yet been reinvested and is waiting in the wings. In the near future, we will buy shares. What exactly we will include in the portfolio depends on the next portion of Blue Sphere AI predictions, the release of which we expect next week.


Table 1. Portfolio 29 September 2019:

Table 2. S&P500 benchmark 29 September 2019: