Category: Two Worlds – AI and Humans

Why stocks prices do not always reflect companies real value?

If you ask yourself a question is a share price reflects company’s performance? The answer is not easy to come because to get it you have to compare simultaneously many company’s figures and parameters from financial reports together with stocks price movements.
What does Financial Statment and Value Stocks means for portfolio investor?
How to apply Portfolio investment in stocks based on artificial intelligence (AI).

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Is Artificial Intelligence better than human now?

Is Artificial Intelligence better than human now? The answer is Yes and No. In tasks such as evaluating huge amounts of companies financial statements data AI is already better. In building new evaluating models for companies assessment humans are still better for now. To generalize AI is more accurate, fast and cheap in routine simple and repetitive tasks especially where you can scale up. In our case, it is predictions of equities prices based on companies financial statements, technical analysis of shares prices, and social sentiment analysis. So we can expand the use of AI in portfolio investments, stocks trading.

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