US Stocks market and trade war with China.

It seems that US Stocks market has absorbed newly imposed by Trump 10% tariffs on China goods. Stocks Market has quickly recovered 60% of the recent drop. A trade war between the US and China become reality and the new norm.

But what is really happens? Lets figure it out step by step.

As you can see from the image above the S&P500 futures is trading almost at the same price as before news about 10% tariffs. But how is that can be possible? Tariffs are still in place and there were no significant positive news for US stocks market.

Lets see another grapf:

That 2.5% is a China answer to Trump 10% tariffs. Very likely that Yuan will fall further to fully compensate 10% tariffs.

Generally, Investors are concerned that the rise in tariffs will increase prices on China goods and, in turn, will lead to a decrease in sales or/and profits of US firms. But if  Yuan falls against Dollar it would compensate 10% tariffs and Trade war won’t affect US firms sales or/and profits this time.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Mr. Trump, what is your next move?